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I Am Black History - An original poem by Joy Harris-Bird

Updated: Jan 2

I am the legacy that my ancestors dreamed about.

The dream that we could live in a world of freedom, without worry or doubt.

Now, I can walk with my head held high because of those who walked before me.

They endured so much hurt and pain so that my eyes can see the glory.

The same glory that Dr. King saw when he dreamed of the mountaintop.

The same glory that Ms. Parks felt as she sat firmly at every stop.

Although we are not entirely free, at least not yet.

The dedication of my ancestors I will never forget.

From the march on Washington and the civil rights war.

To all my brothers and sisters who fought until they couldn’t fight no more.

From Mike Brown to George Floyd and I can’t forget about Breonna Taylor.

To every life that we lost too soon - whose case didn’t go in their favor.

Black History is more than one month that we celebrate pioneers from long ago.

Black History is our lifeline, it’s the main character of the show.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Our history is not just anything, it’s the very thing we’ve been imagining.

A world that is free from hatred, dissension, and disloyalty.

This is what I am fighting for. This is what the world can be.

You see I have a duty to fulfill what my ancestors hoped to see.

The duty falls on no one else because I AM BLACK HISTORY

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